A series of digital illustrations created as a tribute to some of the most legendary athletes of the past and present.
MLB Opening Day
MLB Opening Day Social Media Campaign.
Beautiful Mess Vol. 1
A series of messy portrait illustrations created in Photoshop.
Adorama Campaign
A print campaign created for the Adorama NYC Flagship Store.
Odysseus: Computronium
A series of character designs depicting three different worlds in a futuristic time.
Sketchbook I - Anatomy Studies
A collection of anatomy studies from my sketchbook.
Cosmosys XV - The Other Side
A digital painting created for the 15th Exhibition from International Art Collective Cosmosys.
Cosmosys XIII - One Way Trip
A digital painting created for the Cosmosys XIII Overdosed Exhibition.
Cosmosys XIII - Typography Project
My submission for the Cosmosys XIII Typography Project. I created the letter 'D' using various stock photos for the background caves, plants, as well as amethyst rocks and crystals.
WWE Digipaks
A collection of WWE Anthologies, Anniversaries and Special Edition DVDs.
PSDFan - Freestyle
A nature themed wallpaper design created for as an exclusive design tutorial.
WWE Merchandise Design
A collection of merchandise designed for WWE.
Official WWE 2013 Venue Program
The Official WWE 2013 Venue Program.
The Kraken
A scene depicting a pirate ship sailing between two worlds in search of a lost treasure only to find that their riches are being claimed by the ocean dwelling creature known as the Kraken.
Cosmosys X - Xenocide
My contribution for the latest Cosmosys 'X' Exhibition.
Marvel Villains
A series of digital paintings based on some of the most evil villains in the Marvel Universe.
The Glee Project 2
A collection of various works showing the print campaign for Oxygen's hit competition series The Glee Project 2.
A collection of logos and key art for current and upcoming Oxygen programming.
Symphony Of The Mind
A music inspired street scene created from various stock images, brushes, and textures in Photoshop.
Design Instruct Type Tutorial
A colorful and liquid-like type design created as a tutorial for Design Instruct.
AKA Tony Award BBQ Invite
An invitation design for the AKA Tony Award Weekend BBQ.
Royal Highness Font
A new custom typeface illustrated and designed by Eric Vasquez.
Deer Nature
A winter themed digital illustration created with Photoshop and Illustrator. The piece combines various photos with lighting and coloring effects as well as vector elements and textures.
XV - Experiment III
Cosmosys Exhibition XV – Experiment III
XIII - Overdosed
Cosmosys Exhibition XIII - Overdosed
XI - Selfportrait
Cosmosys Exhibition XI -Selfportrait
Cosmosys . X . X
Cosmosys welcomes you once again to another exhibition of ours. "X" our 10th exhibition! Our Artists took this theme and interpreted their thoughts on what value "X" has or what do they think of when X comes to mind. The artists have all worked very hard on this exhibition and would enjoy hearing your feedback and comments. Furthermore, please stop by and enjoy our tenth release here at Cosmosys. Also check out the interview of our Featured Artist - Josue Ivan
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